Revolutions: Moonlit Arms

Attached File: Ultimate Totem #1

「Identity」 & 「Historia」

As a short introduction to “Ultimate Totems”:

Ultimate Totems (UTs) are Totems that have been recorded to have power readings of gods. Currently, it is uncertain whether they did contain godlike beings inside, but their mana readings correspond to such.

Upon examination of the remnants of these mighty entities, Halophate researches discovered something strange an in-common about all of them:

All UTs contained at least some organic tissue in them. Mostly human tissue, but finding some remnants of animal tissue in it was not unheard of.


Luster of Revenge 「Identity」

An Ultimate Totem that emerged during the 353AR Aleria – Kislev War. It was humanoid in shape, and stood at around 12 feet tall. Its weapons were its bandage-like appendages and its blood-formed blades on its arms.

Upon discovery of its remains, it was found that there were spiritual remains of the Great Demon Conqueror “Verka” imprinted on it. The spiritual remains were too scattered and weak though, so it’s safe to assume that _Verka_’s malevolent tether to the physical world has been severed forever.

Recreation from tales of survivors and research estimations reads that Identity is insanely fast, and is driven to kill opposition the more there are present in its sight. Therefore, dueling it or staying out of its line of sight was presumably the best way to deal with.

Survivors of Identity’s attack also notes that it bears the mark of the fire element, and had witnessed mages using ice Artes to temporarily freeze its tracks.

The most dangerous aspect of Identity, however, is the ability to brainwash and rally nearby people to fight for it, save for those on side of the survivor. It seemed to be able to rally forth followers of its host(whose identity still remains unknown)


Paragon of Deceit 「Historia」

An Ultimate Totem that emerged in 412 AR, as told in the story of “Bright Historia”. Halophate researches have found traces of this Totem at the Northernmost icelands of Aleria. Its spiritual residue seemed to have belonged to an actual god – close to the feeling any spiritualist would feel upon entering a church in Aleria.

Among Historia’s parts found are a bunch of magicannons, missile launchers, magic emitters, etc., indicating that it is actually the closest one could get to a Totem Battlestation. At the center of its body is a strange clock-like mechanism, that seems to still be mostly unused. It is assumed that the previous user did not know or chose not to harness whatever this mechanism is. From what researches say though, this used to possess the ability to slow or hasten time. It could also be used to trap itself and its opponents in a pocket dimension.

According to the contributions of an anonymous reliable third-party researcher, Historia used its weapons to slowly decimate the terrain around it with fire and brimstone, making them unwalkable.

The same researcher also submitted a sort of note, with a drawing attached to it.


Blue arms have to be decimated first, because not only do they never stop shooting missles, they also protect the main body anytime you attempt to attack it!

Green arms contain nanites that repair the blue arms. They are extremely fragile when they release the repair-bots, so it should go down in a few hits. Take these down too!

Yellow is the Clock. I never actually saw it in action, but I know how to deal with it. I made a similar mechanism in my free time, but not as strong. If you use Wind stuff on it and manage to land a status ailment on it, the Clock will open. You only have a short window of time to break it, so work as a team and attack it together all at once. I have a feeling that if someone uses that clock again, we won’t be so lucky…

Once the Clock is gone, you’re very welcome to pound it to death anywhere you please! Just be wary of its terrain decimation. You could get trapped in a corner!



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