Revolutions: Moonlit Arms

Encyclopedia || DAINYDUNE CITY

Windmill Oasis in the Badlands

Dainydune City


Dainydune City is situated on a valley in the middle of Provectas. This valley also lies in a large oasis with healthy soil, good for growing trees and flowering plants. Dainydune lies at the southernmost portions of Provectas, by the Southern Sea.

The city’s walls are lined with windmills, taking advantage of the valley’s windy nature.

Dainydune is the most developed Corseria-local town, and is a popular pitstop for drifters and travelling merchants. Its location near the sea makes Dainydune a good trading stop as well. The city is defined with its windmills, creating electricity for the town without resorting to using coal or fuels.

At the center of the city lies a beautiful park called High Noon Park, a popular date location and meet-up place. The park is filled with flowers from all parts of Corseria, including those of Alerian nature, which surprisingly grows well in foreign soil.

Dainydune Hall
Dainydune Hall is large structure at the southernmost part of town, that serves as Corseria’s biggest lodge. The Hall serves as the staple lodging for most drifters, as its great food and view of the sea brings happiness to the weary.

Though rumors circulate that the lodge is actually haunted, due to it being built over an ancient Solusian burial ground. These are all rumors, however, and only a few have ever claimed such.



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